our design process

Understanding the Vision

A clear vision is the key to a successful project. By working up a clear template of our client’s needs and drivers, we are able to develop a full understanding of the desired end result.

The site talks to us

Only by comprehending the unique characteristics of each individual site can we commence realising the project vision.

Statutory controls, environmental conditions, social values and technical considerations pertinent to the site are all evaluated from the start.

First Thoughts

We enjoy letting the creative juices flow freely, crafting raw sketches of our initial concepts which are then developed into 3D Virtual Building Models.

These models allow us to test our ideas in three dimensions, meaningfully explore alternatives and generate initial layouts and imagery. These first thoughts are shared and considered in consultation with our client and other relevant stakeholders.


Our Practice was an early adopter of ArchiCAD – a powerful Virtual Building program that allows us to create millimetre accurate construction models.  The model is developed with input from our sub consultants to ensure that all building services, structural and architectural elements can co-exist.

Analysis software then allows us to provide builders with a sophisticated, coordinated suite of construction documents and a virtual model. This process has been proven to save construction time, reduce variations and total project cost.

This collaborative modelling phase fine tunes the building incorporating feedback from our client and other stakeholders to optimise and enhance our design concepts. 

Understanding the Design

As well as ArchiCAD we embrace other advanced software programs such as Twin Motion, an industry leading real-time animation software that utilizes the latest gaming digital platforms. Twin Motion allows viewers to fully explore a building inside and out with a high degree of realism to truly understand how it will look and feel on completion.  At Hunt Design we can also produce photo-realistic imagery and movies of the finished product that can be a powerful marketing tool whilst the building is under construction. 

Information Sharing

Our practice prides itself at being at the cutting edge of BIM systems (Building Information Management), an intelligent 3D model based process that gives architecture, engineering and construction professionals the ability to share insights and coordinate the huge amounts of information required on large projects. BIM enhanced documentation provides all stakeholders with tools to more efficiently plan, design, cost, construct and manage buildings and infrastructure, even after the building is complete.

We provide BIM models that capture information in 2D & 3D formats capable of being viewed on computers and mobile devices. This powerful interface between the construction industry and stake holders results in more cost effective and functional buildings that exhibit exemplary architectural merit and contribution to the social, urban and natural environment.


By utilising the latest software and Cloud Based data storage clients and consultants are provided with real time portals to access the evolving suites of information.  This is particularly useful for international and clients remote from the project location.

Additionally, Hunt Design have their own corporate Helicopter providing the practice with unrivalled access to islands and other remote locations.  The helicopter can also be an excellent tool for aerial surveys of topographically complex sites and often it is used to provide clients with an insightful view of their property not available from the ground.