Port Moresby

Papua New Guinea

Master Planners


The Ela Beach Marina Towers, Marina and Aquatic Esplanade development, located in Central Port Moresby, PNG was a project to provide a vibrant community parklands, with a series of distinct precincts set along the length of the esplanade.

Developed as a staged project, initial development consisted of the first of the residential towers incorporating a hotel, residential apartments  with restaurants and bars experiencing stunning views of the marina and waterfront. Marina Berths in Stage 1 would receive access from the Yacht club and reclaimed land would house 20 premium residential allotments.

Future stages saw Ela Beach becoming Port Moresby’s premier recreation and cultural destination. Dining and Entertainment precincts would feed of the increased premier residential lots and nearby hotel complex. A public rock pool set amongst an abundance of tropical landscaped parklands, would sit beside the family and sports precincts. Volleyball & tennis courts will provide unique sporting facilities with waterfront views, while beach volleyball courts would be set-up as required.

Ela Beach Esplanade was never fully realised, however the site was used to develop APEC HAUS for the 2018 APEC Summit.