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Nestled between the Captain Cook Highway and the Great Barrier Reef, NorthBreak is situated at the northern end of the new Wangetti eco tourism trail and is less than 10km to the center of Port Douglas.

With a 300m wave pool at its heart, the development will bring a fresh element to the Tropical region, and a new avenue to introduce Australia’s beloved surf culture into the area by providing surf-able waves year round.

Taking inspiration from the ethos of the modern surfer, the underlying principle of the design reflects the surfing community’s deep respect for nature, conservation and communion with others. NorthBreak’s design embodies a relaxed lifestyle whilst embracing modern day technology. 

The 100-acre property will restore and revegetate an impressive 40% of the site, making it more of a nature park, with buildings designed in light modern aesthetic which Hunt Design describes as ‘an evolution of the tropical vernacular style’. The accommodation is designed for “the barefoot beach vibe” with shaded timber deck verandas protecting guests from the sun or rain – all designed to make the most of the natural aesthetic of the 3.5-acre Endless Surf wave pool found at the heart of the resort.

The master plan incorporates public spaces that are open, transparent, and inviting. It has a communal beating heart with spaces to play, relax, work and dine throughout all periods of the day.

The architecture of Surf PD seeks to create an exemplary built environment through thoughtful architecture and biophilic design. The simple, modern facade of the hotel takes reference from the shape of a wave. The curvilinear footprint of the Hotel is emphasised with sweeping floating horizontal forms on the wide balcony edges. These shapes also act as planters providing a greening of the facade. Behind the balconies are vertical planes encompassing high tech glazing elements and mass timber CLT framed construction.


Every aspect of Surf PD is focused on the use of environmentally sustainable practices. Mass timber construction utilised for the three storey Resort Hotel reduces the building’s carbon footprint. Reduced waste on site is achieved using factory panel fabrication whilst all timbers are sourced from sustainably managed forests. Rainwater harvesting from all hard surfaces will be directed into a water storage dam. Solar panels on all buildings will feed a community battery bank for reticulation to the Residences. High energy demands for hotel operations, including air-conditioning, will be scheduled to align with peak solar generation periods. The master plan provides for a significant amount of land to re-instate natural habitats. This will help protect the river environment and nurture fauna and flora damaged by years of farming. Locals and guests will be encouraged to experience the natural environs by utilising a network of walking and bike paths. Guided educational walks will encourage visitors to acquire an emotional and physical connection to the site and a new respect for a precious environment.