We believe in the power of design to create positive urban change

Our broad scale master planning expertise meshes perfectly with highly developed architectural and interior design capabilities.

We  offer  clients  a  “one  stop  shop”  which  can  take  a  major project from the first inkling of a client’s idea through to a highly satisfied end user.

As Master Planners and Tourism consultants, our portfolio is broad. We understand that the ultimate success of a project comes with the creation of commercial value in the site and by making a positive contribution to the natural, social and urban environment.

The head of Hunt Design, Gary Hunt, provided development advice to our company and was responsible for establishing connections with Local, State and Federal Government Departments. Hunt Design produced a number of master plans and architectural concepts in response to our various briefs to explore different development scenarios.

Paul Nyholt
General Manager (Retired)
White Horse Australia

Our Planning History

Hunt Design’s Master Planning portfolio is broad, ranging from integrated residential developments through to conceptualising town growth and upgrades of urban and social environments.

Whilst in the Northern Territory, Gary Hunt developed the Alice Springs & Darwin Golf Country Clubs, Australia’s first integrated tourism, residential and golf course projects for which he was both developer, architect and master planner.

Gary was also a founding partner in the development of Sheraton Mirage Port Douglas. As a successful developer in his own right, he has an intimate understanding of the key factors that drive development.

In 2007 the Queensland Co-ordinator General’s Department selected Gary Hunt & Partners to conceive a Master Plan and development strategy for the entire Port Douglas waterfront.

Queensland developer Meridien engaged Gary to redesign Abel Point Marina together with a brand new Master Plan at Port of Airlie with designs for two resorts, tourist residential accommodation, boutique shopping outlets, permanent luxury apartments and unique waterfront homes on the breakwater.

Hunt Design has undertaken projects from large development studies for large tracts of land to integrate a harbour town, residential community, international standard golf course and facilities for a population of 12,000 persons through to council parklands.

Working with the Authorities

Hunt Design has established sustainable relationships with various Statutory Authorities across all three levels of Government. From successful projects undertaken with the Queensland Co-ordinator General’s Department to State and local Council conceptualisation studies and construction projects, we have the network of contacts to help achieve an optimum outcome for our Clients and Partners.

We have been engaged by the City of Townsville to provide Master Planning works, Cairns Regional Council for urban revitalisation of the Cairns Esplanade and the Whitsunday Regional Council to formulate and deliver a Master Plan Master Plan for the revitalisation of the Airlie Beach village centre.

As Lead Consultants, we have the expertise to drive projects from inception. We engage and co-ordinate expert sub-consultants, develop complex reports & environmental statements and advise on the most efficient application processes to obtaining an approval. The approval may be dependant upon our production of an Environmental Impact Statement or similar for a Federal approval under the EPBC Act. Or State approvals from a wide range of Statutory Authorities. Or perhaps Development approvals from Local Government.

Our ability to talk to the ‘Right Person’ means that as the client, you are getting the correct advice. This saves money, saves time and will help the project realisation through optimum solutions that “ tick all the right boxes “.

Marinas & Harbours

Hunt Design’s Island commissions are unprecedented. Our designs are evident at Hamilton, Hayman, Lindeman, Daydream, Double, Dunk, Orpheus, Pelorus, Long and South Molle islands. As important as the island itself are the associated transport links, and we understand how important Marina’s and Harbours are to the success of the Islands.

Hunt Design has designed and provided planning schemes for some of the biggest marinas in Northern Queensland and complementary island safe harbours, marine infrastructure and tourism moorings.

At Hunt Design we understand the intricacies involved in working with the Authorities to be able to construct or redevelop harbours. We recognise what is required at a statutory level and have the experience to provide concepts that will produce an economically viable and highly functional end product.

We have delivered schemes that include Abel Point Marina, Port of Airlie, Port Douglas Marina, Daydream Island, Lindemen, Ela Beach Port Moresby as well as multiple safe harbour Projects.

Gary has had a deep involvement in the tourism and leisure industry, having operated his own charter vessel and exploring the Queensland coast by sea and by Air in the Hunt Designs corporate helicopter.




A Co-ordinated Approach
Hunt Design and Whitsunday Shire Council

The Brief

The Whitsunday Regional Council recognised that the heart of Airlie Beach had lost its charm as a tropical costal village. With haphazard growth, amenity and scenic values have suffered and the whole village centre required a major makeover.

Issues identified included the existing traffic and car parking network, pedestrian and bike pathways, storm water runoff in periods of excess rain, ‘Greening’ the village centre and the rehabilitation of Airlie Creek.

It was imperative to improve the user-friendliness of the town centre for the local community as well as for visitors.

The ambience both during the day and at night was to be conducive to the enjoyment of all users of the commercial precinct. The connectivity between the Coral Sea, the village heart and the surrounding hill slopes was of prime importance. The connectivity was on a number of levels including visual links, pedestrian movement, landscaping elements and integration of future projects into the new urban fabric.

The Results

Shute Harbour Road was developed into a low speed traffic route focused on local vehicular movement within a priority pedestrian friendly environment. Raised road sections, changes in pattern, colour and texture, introduced landscape elements, urban furniture and a wider pavement emphasised the dominance of pedestrians over vehicles.

The heart of Airlie Beach was transformed into a green oasis conveying a sense of tranquillity, calm and closeness with nature within the vibrant streetscape of the village centre.

The rehabilitated Airlie Creek provides a major ‘green link’ between the adjacent hillsides and the shoreline and creates a special sense of space within the village centre.

Hunt Design developed an Architectural Guidelines Manual as an adjunct to the Town Plan setting out the means by which architects can design buildings with styles and features consistent with a tropical seaside village.

Waterson Way was reaffirmed as the primary through traffic bypass of Airlie Beach township and downgraded section of Shute Harbour Road within the village core is used primarily for local traffic.

Landscape Architectural Guidelines were established to ensure that all streetscape, park and open space and all other new ‘greenscape’ works throughout the Village Centre evoked a special ‘sense of place’ that is tropical Airlie Beach.