Our Passion

How we work

Our passion is to find that magical balance between creativity, environmental sensitivity and excellence in design.

Collaboration is key.

Developing an empathy with our clients, harnessing the energy and skills of consultants and embracing all stakeholders in a collaborative and meaningful manner allows us to optimise outcomes.  It is this inclusive collaboration that will deliver a project that exceeds expectations and importantly will stand the test of time.

Working together.

At Hunt Design, members of the practice are treated as equals.  We embrace the exploration of ideas and willingly develop solutions that break new ground and deliver something greater than the sum of its parts.  A perfect example of Synergy.

It is my enduring pleasure to have been a close professional colleague of Gary Hunt for over thirty years.
During that long period, Gary has acted in the capacity of town planner, architect and strategic adviser to companies of which I was (and am) a director on a number of major development projects in North Queensland.
In addition to his formidable architectural design skills, Gary brings a wealth of experience and diplomacy in dealing with the myriad of government agencies and the vital Community Consultation advocacy. He is a crucial member of the consulting team, and is universally respected and trusted by our joint clients.”

Don Morris AO
Doctor of the University, Griffith University
Former Chair Tourism Queensland, 2007 - 2012
Former Chair Australian Tourist Commission 1996 - 2000

Architecture excites us

Nature teaches us.

Design influences come from many sources, but none are as telling as nature. Whether it is responding to climatic conditions or being inspired by the beauty of our surroundings we will learn by being open to what our World is telling us. Nature is the ultimate craftsman.

Optimising an outcome.

We know how important it is for many clients to have a successful commercial outcome and we bring our business acumen to the table and cooperatively analyse and optimise the building parameters to perform on a short and long term basis.

Our craft.

The coalescence of experience, technological skills and continual adoption of enhanced design tools allows us to curate projects lauded for their originality, functionality, practicality and creative excellence.

Lobby atrium

From big things - little things grow.


Hunt Residence -Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) Northern Territory
1982 Tracy Award Wnner

The principal, Gary Hunt, has spent the majority of his professional life practicing architecture in the tropical regions of Australia and overseas.

On graduating as an Architect, Gary located to Darwin immediately after the devastating Cyclone Tracey in 1974. He practiced with the Darwin Reconstruction Commission for two years before establishing a highly successful private practice in Darwin and Alice Springs. Gary then became a Senior Partner with the international architectural firm ‘Woodhead’ as a consequence of a merger with his practice.

In 1991 Gary started a new practice in Port Douglas, which is recognised today as being at the forefront of its profession. The practice has evolved into a multi-disciplinary design organisation offering architecture, master planning and interior design.

The studio is recognised for design excellence and a no-nonsense, practical, business orientated approach to the delivered product.

Our team of talented professional architects, master planners and interior designers work in a studio environment that promotes sharing of ideas and concepts.

Whilst based in North Queensland, Hunt Design is actively working on projects throughout Australia and overseas. Aided by the latest technology and a highly mobile team of professionals the practice is able to respond to client requirements regardless of project or client location.

In fact by far the majority of our clients are remote from the practice and we have developed powerful communication protocols to offer a virtual office experience for client review of concept designs, detailed documentation and project reporting.

BIM Technology

Armed with the most up to date technology and highly sophisticated virtual building software, we can rapidly explore concepts and present photo-realistic solutions at the start of the design process.

The same technology in the hands of our skilled professionals produces highly accurate BIM documentation.

It allows us to produce highly detailed models that can be used for everything from client walk throughs and photorealistic renders to consultant interoperability.

BIM-applications (Building Information Modeling) mimic the construction process of a real building, providing analysis of the entire building prior to construction.

Very early in the design process we assemble the bones of the building and create the building form. By modelling the building at the beginning, we are able to evaluate and engage consultants much earlier in the design process. Early engagement allows for greater opportunity and better decision making.

With BIM we can create a forum where all stakeholders are actively engaged. We can extract, evaluate and test design options against whole life cost in real time. When design data becomes totally transparent, we make better decisions.


A BIM model gives the client a better feel for the spaces being provided and in turn, the client is able to give better design feedback and quicker approvals. With effective communication, BIM provides time savings and gives us a tool to manage some design changes early enough not to adversely impact the profitability of a project.

Our experience designing for the tropical climate and regional knowledge of North Queensland is crucial for successful outcomes.

To better service our clients and to provide efficient cost effective access to remote locations, Hunt Design has invested in a corporate helicopter.

This asset has proven to be a valuable tool, particularly in accessing islands after natural phenomena such as cyclones, when marine structures have been destroyed.

As such, Hunt Design can offer the unique service of providing air transport options for clients, consultants and other stakeholders.

The helicopter can also be used for aerial photography, understanding the local context in terms of topography, transport corridors, natural and urban environmental footprints and other infrastructure.

With a geographical spread of active projects from the Whitsunday region to the tip of Cape York in the north, Hunt Design has a remarkable legacy of working on over 15 offshore islands and places only accessible by 4WD.